Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ready or not...there she goes!

My sister Tasha left for Iraq on the 2nd of January. She is going as a civilian, she is not in the military. She is an RN so she going to work in the clinics and help where she can there. I admire her spirit and willingness to help and go where she is needed, but she will be gone for a whole year, and it is going to be SO HARD for me and my other sister see, we are VERY close as sisters and we spend a lot of time together so I absolutely feel and empty spot there now. I know she is doing what she loves, but she will so be missed!! She is the "fun" aunt and she loves the kids to pieces so they are going to miss her too immensely! We want her to do her thing, but it was so hard to let her go. We Love You Tasha, be safe!!

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SaNnAr said...

Thank you....I look like hammered poo in that pic. I talked to London on Myspace and he said that you put a prayer request in...I appreciate that and love and miss you guys.