Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's an Easy Bake Oven Day...

Stir, Stir, Stir...This is my favorite part!!

Kenadie and the other girls, Taylor and Cheyenne(who are Ken's cousins) got Easy Bake Ovens from Grandma Lowe this year, plus cute aprons that she made and a bunch of cooking utinsels to go with it. Well I was making brownies today and she wanted to get her oven out and give it a she made a cake. This is results.

When it is done cooking it HAS to have sprinkles!See my cake...I did a good job!

Yummy...goes great with a glass of milk!

Another visit with Scarlette...

She is so Beautiful!

Kenadie's 4th Birthday...

This was so much fun... we took Kenadie and her cousins a few friends to Classic Fun Center. ok now before you think...what could a 4 year old do at a skating rink...let me tell you, it is waaay more than a skating rink anymore. The kids can ride bikes, and scooter, or skate, and they have tons of jumpy things to play on, and a huge jungle gym. It is cool! Can't believe that our baby is 4 already, seems like just yesterday we got off the plane with her....

Besides regular Christmas stuff.....

We got a new Goddaughter....Scarlette Noell made her entrance into the world at 3:52 pm on Christmas Day. She weighed 5lbs. 2.5 oz. and was 17" long...she is just little peanut. Her mommy is Kristin, whom Jerry and I took in few years ago when she was having struggles at home...she goes to our church and we have known her since she was just a little she is just like another daughter to us. Bobby is her husband...they are going to be awesome parents!

Mommy (Kristin) and baby Scarlette
Jerry and Scarlette
Shauna and Scarlette

Merry Christmas!

So of course we were up at the crack of dawn with the kids, and what a great morning we had! We opened gifts and then Jerry made sweet rolls for us...the kids played with all thier new gifts, and then it was off to Grandma Lowe's house. We again, opened presents, and had a fabulous dinner. What a great 2008 Christmas!

Christmas Eve...

On Christmas Eve every year we make our rounds, we visit family and friends, from Salt Lake to Provo. At the end of the evening we have a Christmas Eve celebration with my family at either my sisters house, or my moms house. This year it was at my sister Tasha's new house in Syracuse. We eat, and open presents, it was a lot of fun.

Polar Express experience...

On December 22, we drove all the way to Heber in a snowstorm so that we could board a cold drafting train and go 15 mph, to where? Oh yeah, the North Pole...that was lame! I think Kenadie had a good time, and Santa did get on the train and pose for a picture, but all the hype about "Going to the North Pole" that they tell the kids, turns out to be Santa standing with a spot light on him waving as you drive by. They could have done so much more. Make a village people, add some lights, a few elves wouldn't kill ya either. Ok, the hot chocolate was ok and the evening with the family was a good experience, but I could have done that at home, for waaaayyy less money!!

Church Christmas Play...

Ok, so I don't mind helping out at church, and it's one thing when I am the only one that has to help out, but it's another matter all together when every one of has a part and lines to memorize. I , of course am the one that has to help all the kids with lines, and schedule practices, and not to mention learn my own lines...Everything went off without a hitch, and in the end I am always glad that agree to help out.

On to Garrett's Birthday...

Kenadie and Cheyenne playing Guitar hero that Garrett got for his birthday.
Blow out the candles...
Garrett and all his "girl" friends...
I can't believe he is 14!!

Garrett turned 14 on December 6th..i can't believe he is that old already. Boy how time flies. He had a party at the house and invited some of his friends over, they had pizza, played video games and made a lot of noise. Oh the joys of having a teenager.

Catching up on Posts... Let's start with Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving was really nice this year, it was our turn to be at Jerry's parent's house...we got there early and helped with dinner preparations, we had a great dinner, and then the kids got to run and play while Jerry and Carl played the Wii... some deer hunter game...they didn't have a Wii gun, so being the creative types, they made their own. It worked!

Fancy gun Jerry and Carl made.

Deer hunting Wii game.
Kenadie and Uncle Carl Showing us their Full bellies!
Everyone traced their hands and wrote what they were thankful for on it.
Everyone Having dinner...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Social Engagement for the princess...

This is Kylie... Kenadie's "Princess" friend from pre-school.
Putting a Princess in a carseat is not easy!

All ready to go...
These crazy much work to be beautiful.
It's boring getting ready for a Princess Party! Are you done yet mom, are you done yet?

Kenadie was invited to her first birthday party on Saturday...she was so excited! It was Kylie's party, and she is a little friend that Ken has made at Pre-school. Grandma Lowe made her a beautiful princess dress to go to the party in since the theme was "princess". I curled her hair..even through it is already really curly, but this time it was all ringlets...and put her crown on and her gloves...she had a great time, she said they played games, and cake, and played in Kylie's basement. What more could you ask for from a "princess" party?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Getting Started...

Just us...Jerry & Shauna

Carl & Regina (Jerry's sister and Bro.-in-law) Shauna & Jerry
This is the same bridge we had our wedding invitation photo taken on... awww, the memories

Our Beautiful Family!

Wow, it has taken me sometime to get this figured out...My sister turned me on to it, and I gave up trying to get it going, but my interest was resparked when I started looking at the cute Blogs. So I tried again, and here we go. We are gearing up for the holiday's and for once, I am almost done Christmas shopping...and we aren't even into December yet, I am so proud. We got some pictures taken of the family recently in the mountains...enjoy.