Thursday, January 15, 2009

Terrible end to our wonderful weekend...

We were just about home from our great trip to Idaho this past weekend, and just as we had passed our road on 7200 W. to go get the kids from Grandma's we heard a huge bang, and the car lurched violently!! Jerry and I just held on for dear life! He was so worried we had done some major damage to the car, he immediately pulled over, and felt around the wheels...with the tiny flashlight he had he couldn't see much, but in the light the next morning...this is what happened!! We had hit a HUGE pothole and screwed up not one, but two of Jerry's rims on his Audi S4, that is his pride and joy!!! Thank you Utah for being so diligent in maintaining the integrity of our roads! (yeah right) To top it all off...the state would do nothing to fix it! I am so glad I pay taxes.

It was an odd,odd weekend in Idaho!!

Game of Killer Frog, Jerry doing The Chicken Dance, Bro. Monty Holt with Play Doh in his eyes, Hiding during "Sardines", and our craft class.

Jerry and I went to Idaho this last weekend and went to a Youth Camp retreat...for all of you who don't know, Jerry and I are the Youth Camp Directors for our church we run Junior and Senior Camp here in Utah. We plan and run a week long summer camp for kids ages 7 and up. Each state runs their own camps and we had the opportunity to be involved in an Idaho retreat for youth camp workers that our good friend Toni Velie invited us to (she is the state camp coordinator for Idaho). We had so much fun and learned a lot about unity, and team work for the good of the kids that we are trying to reach during our camps. We laughed so much, and cried an awful lot too. Toni ran it just like Youth Camp is run, with games, crafts, funtime ,recreation time, classes, and service in the evening. We even had to share a room with just the girls of just the guys! So much fun. Thank you Toni for having us!!

Kenadie at Gymnastics...

Kenadie takes gymnastics at Academy West Gymnastics once a week. She loves it and is doing really well at it, probably because she has no fear, and will climb, and jump and swing from anything. It gives her a chance to get out all of her energy that seems to be absolutely endless in her. It's fun to watch her learn new things and make new friends.

Ready or not...there she goes!

My sister Tasha left for Iraq on the 2nd of January. She is going as a civilian, she is not in the military. She is an RN so she going to work in the clinics and help where she can there. I admire her spirit and willingness to help and go where she is needed, but she will be gone for a whole year, and it is going to be SO HARD for me and my other sister see, we are VERY close as sisters and we spend a lot of time together so I absolutely feel and empty spot there now. I know she is doing what she loves, but she will so be missed!! She is the "fun" aunt and she loves the kids to pieces so they are going to miss her too immensely! We want her to do her thing, but it was so hard to let her go. We Love You Tasha, be safe!!

New Years Eve party at the church...

Kenadie and Hailee before the festivities got underway...
After a couple sodas the clothes started coming off...they started to really let loose!
Playing "dress up" while the adults sat around and talked.
Obviously not in the "adult" crowd! Oh but Sis. Alice is back there...she's an adult.
Alissa, Garrett, Birdi, Nikki, and Cameron...not adults!

New Years Eve was full of fun..We started our evening at the church and did some singing and hanging out we also ate and laughed and was a fun night, but Jerry wasn't feeling good so we ended up leaving before the stoke of midnight. Bummer! All in all it was fun.