Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Social Engagement for the princess...

This is Kylie... Kenadie's "Princess" friend from pre-school.
Putting a Princess in a carseat is not easy!

All ready to go...
These crazy much work to be beautiful.
It's boring getting ready for a Princess Party! Are you done yet mom, are you done yet?

Kenadie was invited to her first birthday party on Saturday...she was so excited! It was Kylie's party, and she is a little friend that Ken has made at Pre-school. Grandma Lowe made her a beautiful princess dress to go to the party in since the theme was "princess". I curled her hair..even through it is already really curly, but this time it was all ringlets...and put her crown on and her gloves...she had a great time, she said they played games, and cake, and played in Kylie's basement. What more could you ask for from a "princess" party?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Just Getting Started...

Just us...Jerry & Shauna

Carl & Regina (Jerry's sister and Bro.-in-law) Shauna & Jerry
This is the same bridge we had our wedding invitation photo taken on... awww, the memories

Our Beautiful Family!

Wow, it has taken me sometime to get this figured out...My sister turned me on to it, and I gave up trying to get it going, but my interest was resparked when I started looking at the cute Blogs. So I tried again, and here we go. We are gearing up for the holiday's and for once, I am almost done Christmas shopping...and we aren't even into December yet, I am so proud. We got some pictures taken of the family recently in the mountains...enjoy.